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Adding a Deck and Pergola Out Back

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Sorry for the radio silence last week.  Wolfy and I took a trip for our anniversary to Okaloosa Island, FL!  What a great getaway.  I will be posting about that soon, or maybe even put up a link to our scrapbook I am making… unless sharing 1000 photos with you is considered excessive?



Our back deck has always been an eyesore.  It was on level, boards were popping off, and it was starting to become a safety hazard.  Unfortunately right under our back door is a basement window so we didn’t have the luxury of slowly working on the deck build.  We knew once we started we had to get at least the majority of the deck boards down the same day so the pups could go outside.  Many people may have planned a small deck, or at least doing the deck in stages.  Not us.  We planned and executed a 17’ x 12’ deck with covered pergola in 2 weekends.  The silly deck is the same size as our living room.

before and after back deck

We started the back deck the same weekend we started the front deck.  We worked back in forth that Memorial Day weekend due to the rain.  We would work on the front deck until the rain picked up and we were afraid to use the power tools then go to the back yard and work, that is why there are no pictures of the first day in the back yard.

The first step was to rip out the old deck.  No wonder that think was sagging into the ground, the supports were 2x4s laying on the dirt!  Once the old deck was out we dug 6 holes for supports.  You can see those as the 6 x 6s that are going to be the supports of the pergola.  There is one hidden in the center.  The holes were set in concrete and the leftover dirt was used to fill a raised flower bed and then help grade the ground under the deck away from the house.  We also used concrete pillars as extra support under the deck.

We busted our butts that first day and got everything done except for two deck boards that we were short.


The next weekend we worked on the deck we had help.  I just wasn’t strong enough to get those huge boards into the air, so my dad came over to help Wolfy out.  Those two were able to get the pergola top on and also the plastic sheets to protect the deck from rain.  It is hard to see but the pergola actually has a ½ inch slant to make sure water flows away from the house.


While they were working up top, I was installing the stairs.


And there you have it, our two weekend project.  There are still some things to do.  We are planning on putting some privacy fencing on the side by the fence to keep the dogs in, and to be able to have some privacy in our back yard. There needs to be some facing boards added to keep the dogs from crawling under the deck.  And of course it needs to be stained.





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