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Wine Down Wedesday – Houdini Wine Chilling Carafe

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I think the biggest way to tell if someone is a true wine geek verses someone just enjoys wine isn’t the size of their cellar, but how many wine gadgets they have.

The newest wine gadget was an impulse buy while we were shopping for new baking dishes.  We were both hesitant at first, but once we tried it out we were in love with the Houdini Wine Chilling Carafe.


The top screws off and you can pull the lid and metal ice container out and fill with the wine of your choice.

Take the rubber plastic plug out of the lid and add ice.  If all your ice melts and your wine starts to get warm you can dump the melted wine and add more.  However we finished our bottle one evening before the wine got warm.


Once the ice is in and the plug is installed it pours from around the center.


What a great way to keep wine chilled during an outdoor dinner party, or while watching TV at night!

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