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Storage Solution in the Downstairs Bathroom


In the downstairs bathroom there was a small cupboard behind the door.  We removed it in order to get the plumbing lines for the bathroom upstairs.  Once the Master Bathroom was taken care of we turned our attention toward the downstairs and what to build to cover the plumbing.  This is what we came up with.


The bump out from the wall that is covered with bead board is where the supply lines are running upstairs along with drainage lines. The box at the bottom was built out of leftover 2 X 8s and hides more pluming.  Instead of just having a bump out we decided to add a pre-made cabinet on top of the pedestal we made.

The bathroom needs caulked and painted still, but it is coming along nicely- although I am now thinking about redoing the floor.


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3 thoughts on “Storage Solution in the Downstairs Bathroom

  1. What a clever idea. 🙂 Are we caught up to your current progress in the house now, or are there more flashbacks in store? 🙂 Just curious, because I look forward to your posts either way! =D

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