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Honey/Hemp Snickerdoodle and Buttercream Loofa Soap

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Honey & Hemp Snickerdoodle and Buttercream Loofa Soap

This easy melt and pour soap is a wonderful exfoliant that smells like a sweet treat.  The loofa makes it a little too rough on the skin (for me at least, the Wolfy man loves it all over), but it feels great on those rough heels that have been abused from the summer flip flop weather.   Plus with the texture the loofa adds it makes a very cute display sitting in the bathroom.

Supplies (all purchased from Brambleberry):

1 pound melt and pour Honey soap base

1 pound melt and pour Hemp soap base

1 loofa

2 teaspoons sweet almond oil

1/2 teaspoon red Brazilian clay (more or less depending on the color you want)

1 ounce Buttercream and Snickerdoodle Fragrance Oil (more or less depending on how strong you want the scent to be)


Rubbing Alcohol


The first step is to cut the loofa into 4 equal sections.  In the picture below I ended up cutting up two loofas.


Once the loofa is cut it needs to be soaked in hot water to rehydrate (it won’t take long!).


While the loofa is rehydrating, cut the soap bases into 1 inch cubes and put into the microwave on 30 second bursts until melted.


While the soap is melting, turn your attention back to the loofa.  Put the loofa into containers (I used plastic food containers that were just slightly smaller than the loofa).  Once they are in the containers, turn them over so any extra water can drain out.


While the soap is melting, the clay needs to be rehydrated.  For this recipe I mixed the red Brazilian clay with the sweet almond oil.


When the soap is melted, add the clay and mix well.   Then add the fragrance oil.


Turn the containers holding the loofa right side up and then pour the soap mixture over the loofa.  You want it to just cover it.  Spray with rubbing alcohol to remove any bubbles.


Once the soap has set up (couple of hours) remove from the container by lightly pressing and pulling on the sides to break the air lock.  You can then use a sharp knife to cut the soap in half.  That way you have roughly a 4 ounce bar instead of an 8 ounce one.


The next day you can enjoy your new soap or seal it up from any air.


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One thought on “Honey/Hemp Snickerdoodle and Buttercream Loofa Soap

  1. How cool. 🙂 Does the loofah wear down at the same rate as the soap?

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