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New Year, New Plan

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Happy new year everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and/or Holiday Season!


Life has been hectic at the Wolf Den the past two months.  October starts a time that is both hectic in our home life and our professional one.  But you should be seeing more of us now.


I did some soul searching over this holiday season and decided that we need to change our plan about the current den.  Neither one of us are completely happy living in town and have been keeping an eye out for anything that looks interesting.  No more!  We are moving forward.


The plan is to finish a few things on the house and list it.  Not everything will be done, but the things that need to will be.  If the house sells, great!  If not, we still have some time to finish everything.  Hopefully we will walk away with enough money for a sizable down payment for a house and workshop in the country.


Here is the To Do List:


  • Front Room
    • Caulk wainscoting
    • Wallpaper ceiling
    • Caulk crown molding
    • Paint wainscoting and crown molding
    • Fix mantel
    • Retile in front of fireplace?
  • Dining Room
    • Caulk wainscoting
    • Paint wainscoting
    • Paint ceiling
  • Kitchen
    • New countertops
    • New sink
    • Touch up paint
    • Paint ceiling
  • Hallway
    • Repaint
    • Caulk wainscoting
    • Paint wainscoting
    • Paint ceiling
    • Patch hole for door bell
  • Bathroom
    • Add crown molding
    • Caulk all seams
    • Paint everything
    • Paint bathroom door
  • Laundry Room
    • Add shelves in closet
    • Remove wallpaper boarder
    • Add baseboard
    • Paint room
    • Paint door
  • Bedroom
    • Install door wall
    • Add baseboard
    • Spackle
    • Paint door



  • Stairway
    • Touch up all paint
    • Caulk seams
    • Repaint stairs
  • Bedroom
    • Frame in window
    • Paint light purple walls a neutral color
    • Paint ceiling
    • Address the floor
    • Caulk seams
    • Build headboard?
    • Install shoe cabinet?
  • Storage Closet
    • Hang door
    • Paint door
    • Hang light
  • Walk in Closet
    • Paint walls
    • Spray hardware
    • Paint pattern or install carpet tiles on floor
  • Bathroom
    • Address transition from bedroom to bathroom
    • Install quarter round
    • Caulk all seams
    • Repaint room



  • Remove boarder in hallway
  • Address the cracks in the plaster
  • Paint hallway
  • Replace dog chewed treads
  • Paint stairs?
  • Paint floor
  • Paint woodwork white


My goal if everything goes according to plan is to be in our new home with a good sized chunk of land and a fenced in yard so the dogs can bark their heads off this time next year.  Will it happen?  Maybe, maybe not.  Will we get the house in any shape to list in the next 6 months?  I don’t know yet.  But I need a goal to work toward; otherwise nothing will be able to change.


Posts will also be changing.  I will not be posting every day.  I will try to post 2-3 time a week.  I do plan to keep up with Wine Down Wednesday and to still share recipes, crafts, and any traveling.  But most of the posts are going to be about that list and the other assortment of things that come along with finishing a house, getting ready to sell and of course, somehow bringing a home to a corn field.


Join us, won’t you?


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