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Built Ins for Storage Next to the TV

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We love to watch TV together.  When we laid out our living room we centered the TV on a large wall and spent a lot of time looking at.  Getting tired of the extra unusable space next to the TV we decided on building in some shelves.  A simple shelf project lead into creating a shelving unit with the appearance of built ins.  Over all it was a pretty simple project.  The hardest part was finding boards that were straight.

The storage was designed for DVDs.  We lucked out – see the bump out in the wall?  That is the perfect depth for a DVD.  1X6 boards also worked perfectly.  We kept things really simple.  1X6s cut just over 4 feet with L brackets holding it up.  We used a DVD case to determine the height between the shelves.  I held the board level, Wolfy marked the holes, predrilled, and then we were able to screw the shelf to the wall using 3 inch construction screws.



With all the supporting in the back of board we decided to use our Kreg Jig to drill support holes in the ends of the boards.  One side ends up getting screwed into the wall the other side will get screwed to another board.


Once all the boards were installed ( and a long debate) we painted the unit (and the wall behind it) white, added crown molding to finish it off, and caulked it.


I pretty happy with the way it turned out.  Once we loaded it up with DVDs and knickknacks it started to look like us.  We left enough room next to it to fit out 70” TV which was our Christmas present to each other.


So what do you think?  Do you have something similar in your home?  Would you want something similar in your home?  Or did you have it and demo it?


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