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Snowstorm Ion

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How did you fair in the Winter Storm / Snowstorm Ion?  I thought I’d show you some pictures of our interesting weekend.  This is the most snow we have had in 35 years in central Illinois, and record breaking cold temperatures.

The snow started on Sunday.  Around 8:30 when I got up to let the dogs out there was a good 6 inches on our front deck.  But at this point the temperature was still pretty good and the dogs were able to play and have a good time in the fresh snow.


About 2 hours later I could hardly stand to be outside taking pictures.  The world looked like this.


Monday morning found us snowed in and most of the roads closed.  It was so bad Sunday night that they stopped the snow plows and pulled them off the roads from dusk until dawn. The wind chill was a -35 and the wind was blowing hard.  I was able to go out and get some more photos, but by the end of the day the landscape looked different do to more drifting.

01-06-13 Ion Snowstorm Aftermath (4)

01-06-13 Ion Snowstorm Aftermath (3)

01-06-13 Ion Snowstorm Aftermath (9)

01-06-13 Ion Snowstorm Aftermath (11)

My faith in humanity was restored during this snowstorm.  I saw lots of people out helping their neighbors.  It seemed like the good deeds were being passed around.  I have to say a big shout out to our neighbor when saw us struggling with digging our car out came over while we were taking a warming break inside and used his snow blower to remove the snow from our drive way.  Thank you Sir!

It was really nice to see our community banding together to help each other out.

01-06-13 Ion Snowstorm Aftermath (17)

I hope everyone is safe and warm by now, I really hope you stayed safe and warm during the weather.  I’m not sure where you are, but for us the Weather Channel says it is going to start snowing again this afternoon and some ice later in the week.  With our main roads and highways still solid ice, not the news I wanted.

01-06-13 Ion Snowstorm Aftermath (18)

Stay safe, stay warm!



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