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There’s a Light, Over on the Wolf Den’s Pergola

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perfect pergola lights


(By the way you get so many bonus points if you that first part triggered a response of “Over at the Frankinstien’s Place” and even more if you were looking for your lighter/flashlight.)


Whenever I thought about my perfect back yard deck I saw the pergola we built, but I had a vision of the perfect lighting.  The lights that I wanted unfortunately are impossible to find in my small town.  And while I like to order things online I was afraid to order something like this.  What if it wasn’t perfect?  After all I had settled on several different types of string lights only to take them down and return them.

Then at Target I found them.  The perfect lights I had drooled about on TV shows, magazines, blogs, and well Olive Garden.  Just light bulbs on a string.

We ended up buying 4 strands of lights and that was the perfect amount.

Before we got the siding we wired new plug-ins outside. Wolfy hooked up power for the flood light and then right next to it there is two outlets. The flood light and the outlets are on separate switches so they can be turned on independently.

Hanging the lights was simple. I used  wire clips that we had left over from running electric lines for the fans upstairs. They are padded and keep the wire safe and secure.

A word of warning – be very careful while hanging these lights. The glass globes are super thin. I broke two. Thankfully 4 strings was just a touch too long (not a lot only about a foot) so I was able to remove the broken blubs and use the two “extra” lights from the end. I would love to find spare bulbs, but at $10 for the string, I may just buy another string and swap out as necessary. I would have really loved it these were LED instead.

Anyone else have a Goldilocks moment with something so simple as lighting?


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One thought on “There’s a Light, Over on the Wolf Den’s Pergola

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