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Waking up from Hibernation


Privacy Panels on the Pergola

We work in spurts here at the Wolf Den. Last week I woke up from the winter slump (woo-hoo nice weather) and hung the string lights of the pergola. That egged me on to finish building the pergola. Yeah… it has been so long you forgot that the pergola wasn’t done (except the blaring need for paint/stain/protective bubble wrap, just kidding on that last one).

The momentum had started. Why only do the privacy panels? Why not take down our pretty vinyl fence and put a wooden fence up too? So Friday night after work we hit up Menard’s (we spend enough money there I feel like I should be greeted with a fancy coffee and my own personal fork truck driver to haul my purchases around) and loaded up the truck with wood for the privacy panels and the fence.

Sorry for the bad cell phone picture!

We were up bright and early Saturday morning to make the most of our day off.

The first step was to remove the old fence panels. It was a bitter sweet moment. I loved these panels but unfortunately the dogs could bust the bottom pickets out and make a run for it.

This step took way longer than expected. For some reason a majority of the bolts were stripped out! How did this happen? I know I didn’t do that when I installed them (hopefully?)! Wolfy showed me a trick that saved my sanity. Get a drill bit the same size as your screw (the part that goes into the wood not the head) and pretend you are installing the screw. If you are using a metal bit this should pop the head off and push the end either into the wood or in this case down the vinyl sleeve. I was thoroughly impressed. Plus the pyro in me liked it watch the paint bubble up on the screw and it start smoking before it freed itself.

Once all the screws and brackets were off it was time to add extra support. The only vinyl covers that had 4x4s inside them were the gate posts. We wanted to screw the panels directly into the posts so it needed to be beefed up. Wolfy poured cement mix into the covers and then slid a 4×4 into each. I went around with water and gave it a drink so the cement could start to set up.

Then we turned our attention to the wooden fence panels. We installed them the “wrong way” on purpose, the nice smooth side that should be facing your neighbors in toward the inside on our fence. This was twofold to make it harder on the pups to try to pull a Houdini. One: the braces are on the back so they cannot use it for a ledge to get over the fence. Two: installed this way when the girls jump on the fence (because they are bad girls and they will and have) they are hitting the wood the same directions that the nails went in. Repetitive jumping will not cause a picket to get loose. Now, it may break but the nails shouldn’t come out.

The hardest part was the gate kit. While the directions said it was only going to take 20 minutes to assemble we were still cussing at it an hour and a half later.  However, once we got it installed it was worth it. It actually works!!!!! I don’t think you share my excitement. Our gates never worked before you see. The fancy vinyl gates sagged immediately after installation and the latches ripped out of the material. So to have a functional gate that doesn’t involve three artfully applied bungee cords is pretty spectacular to me.

Using the paint sprayer I was able to get two gallons of exterior deck paint in a Cape Cod Gray onto the fence. It was enough to cover the inside but not the outside.   More paint is on the list.

This project has inspired us to fence in the rest of the yard (currently only half is fenced in). I will be updating you on that once it is complete. The puppies are excited about the idea of having a larger space to place “tackle the sister”.

The next project we jumped into was the privacy panels on the deck. When we finished the deck last year we set the 6x6s to act as the base of the panels but we never finished the process. With more energy and a year of using the deck we knew our original plan was still the way to go.

The panels themselves are 2x8s that were cut to 4 ½ feet each.

They were installed on the center on of the 6×6 with a 2×4 behind them for support.

Another 6×6 was added to the top with a 2×4 brace behind it.

We also added a few more boards here and there to make sure Shawnee and Makanda were safe from the temptation to leave their property.

So that’s it. As I sit here Monday night nursing my sore body I’m still planning on taking on the rest of the fence project in a few weeks. I think Memorial Day weekend may be the weekend the Wolves dig holes. It is looking to be a two year tradition. And trying to figure out what I want to do color wise with the back deck.


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2 thoughts on “Waking up from Hibernation

  1. Glad you’re both out of hibernation. I hibernated unexpectedly myself, but I am sort of back too. 🙂 Love the way your pergola is looking – so impressed with your building skills!

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