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Stripes on the Front Deck


front deck paint

The conversation started out like many before, “Honey, you know that blog couple that I read, well I had an idea…” terror briefly flashed through Wolfy’s eyes. Then I pulled out my Kindle to show him this.

“I want to stripe our front deck in shades of gray.”


And the topic was dropped. I knew Wolfy wasn’t feeling it, and I debated over the next couple of days. Was he apprehensive because he truly didn’t like the idea, or was the apprehension because he couldn’t see the vision I had?

The next time I went to Home Depot I took a side trip from my mission to pick up 2 x 8s and found myself in the paint department. I was pleasantly surprised to find that waterproof deck paint was sold in sample sized containers and it was tintable. There was no need to make a gut reaction, bite the bullet and buy two gallons of paint (like I had mistakenly done previously with the red) now I could get a sample, in any color I wished, and try it out before committing.

I decided on Behr Anonymous (780F-5) for the lighter gray and Behr Dark Granite (780F-6) for the darker.

Once home I dropped the wood off to the Wolfman and left him alone to do some test painting. I will admit I was worried. Worried that the red would show through, worried that Anonymous was too light, or maybe too blue. But once two coats were on, man what a difference. I was in love.

“Whatca doing?” Wolfy asked curiously as I drug him over to show him “The Vision”. He liked it and was in fact excited by the look now that he could see what I was talking about.

So I pulled the trigger and bought a gallon of each color. The light color went on first. I applied it heavily in-between the deck boards to make sure the wood color would not been seen. After two coats of the light color I moved on to the dark color. Thankfully it was hot hot hot outside so the coats were drying very quickly. The deck boards, the stairs, and the facing boards were all covered with two coats of the dark paint.

The Dark Granite color matches the shingles almost perfectly and due to the house being slightly higher than the street, all you see is the dark color when driving by. The lighter stripes become a sweet surprise when you walk up to the deck.

I wanted to shout out to Young House Love for answering a comment and helping me out, I know I didn’t follow all you directions (I just went right over the stain since the test pots went so well) but your reassurance that the gray would look good helped me take the leap when the hubby was doubtful.

And now I have a question for you all. I still need something in my garden bed, but what? As much as I like dark mulch I was really hoping for a gravel or stone so I can use a leaf blower to remove the leaves in the spring time, any thoughts on color, or should I just man up and get the mulch? Remember the idea is to sell this house in a few years, so if you were looking to buy it what would you want there?

Next question. I have two tons of flagstone that I bought last year to make a patio. The plan is to make it in the back yard off the rustic looking pergola. But (you may be able to see it in the picture) I have some laying in front of the steps.

Option 1) Use this flagstone to make a small patio/landing pad in front of the stairs

Option 2) Lay gray pavers to make a small patio/landing pad in front of the stairs


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11 thoughts on “Stripes on the Front Deck

  1. Yay for flagstone! Absolutely love it! Are you paving with DG or on grass? We’re waiting for the fall to tear out the grass, lay flagstone then re-seed…our dogs love the grass and can’t see it go away completely;-)

    • For the front and back patio the plan is to get rid of the grass, dig down, and set the stones in either sand or cement. I am kicking around the idea of more flagstones dug into the ground to make a pathway to our fire pit. That idea really depends on if we have enough left over. The backyard patio plan is quite large, but we may downsize it when it comes time to do all that work!

      Our dogs have a ton of space. We just got done fencing in our whole back yard so their area to run tripled. Details on that will be up either this week or early next.

  2. The stripes and the red door remind me of your stairwell with the red-tinted stairs! 🙂 It’s like a cool tie in, or am I just dreaming that you had striped walls and red stairs? Now I must research your blog! =D

  3. I love the striped deck! It looks amazing. If you have extra flagstone, I’d use that here too. It’s nice when a house has repeating elements.

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  5. your home is so stinking cute. i love the gray deck and yay yhl. those 2 are so good, too.

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  7. Thank you for linking to Whimsy Wednesday last week! I featured you in my post today!

    You can see it here…

    Hope to see link up again tomorrow!

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