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Tiling the Walls in the Master Bathroom

To get the master bathroom ready to use, I needed to tackle the tile.  Wolfy knows me and leaves me alone (except to take pictures and offer opinions on layouts) when it comes to tiling.  The large tiles are the ones I originally purchased to go on the floor.  They are 18 inches by 18 inches.  I ended up only having 1 left over, so it turned out to be the perfect project for them.


For added detail I inserted a line of glass and stone tile mosaic.


After laying the tiles out several times, I ended up making the insert 1 1/2 foot wide in the tub.  You will notice that this allows the water valve and the spout to come through the mosaic and not the solid tile.   That way I did not need to make a circular cut in the large tiles.  I was able to just pull a few tiles out of the mosaic and then add more in where necessary.


The large tiles go all the way around the tub.


I used the same pattern in the shower, but to make the splurge on the mosaic tile go further, I cut the sheets in half.  That allowed me to be able to use 2 full tiles on each side.


I installed the mosaic in a larger pattern than in the shower on the sink wall, but it still wasn’t quite a full sheet..  That way it is in between two mirrors and, again, it was easier to pull the mosaic tiles out around the electrical box.


There you have it.  Next week will be the master bathroom reveal!

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