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Wine Poster Art w/ Burnt Edges

It has been a while since Wolfy’s birthday, but I still have another project to show you.  I already made one wine poster for Wolfy, but I had another in mind.  I used the same idea behind the other, but added a few new twists.

This art piece was going to have two posters; one dealing with types of white wine, the other dealing with types of red.

To give the posters a more vintage feeling, I started burning the edges.


It is a pretty simple process.  Use a lighter and run the edge of the flame on the border of the of the poster.  Do this over the sink, just in case the flame gets away from you, but normally the flame will burn out, or you will be able to blow it out before it goes too far.




Here is the white wine poster once the edges have been burnt.


And the red wine one, before I knocked off the ash.  I think it makes it look like something that was found in an old abandoned building somewhere.


After the board was cut to size and sanded, I started painting it.


Instead of black, this time I went with red.  It is actually left over paint from the front door.


Again, I placed the posters onto the wet paint and made sure to press them down well.


I did mess up slightly and get red paint on the posters, but it doesn’t really bother me.  I feel like it works with the colors and tones of the posters anyway.



Once it was dry, I applied several coats of spray polyurethane.  Then, it was time to hang it on the wall.


Overall, we are both very happy with it.


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