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Wine Down Wednesday

Welcome to Wine Down Wednesday’s Hub.  This is where you can find all of our wine related Wednesday Posts without having to search though the archives.  Wine Down Wednesday predominantly deals with three topics:

  • Wine Reviews
  • Winery Visits
  • Wine Recipes

Wine Reviews

All wines that are given a review are scored using the UC Davis 20 Point Scale. As this can be subjective and this is only a hobby for us the scores will be averaged between what Wolfy scored and what I scored. We will not be disclosing any of the finer details in why we scored them the way we did.

Please note that just because a wine received a low score doesn’t mean it is a bad wine. There may be some flaw, something not quite balanced, something in the clarity but that doesn’t mean the wine isn’t very enjoyable. What you want to pay more attention to is our overall impressions. Would we finish the glass, finish the bottle, would we buy this wine again?

Enjoying a wine is very subjective.  You may find by reading our tasting notes that a wine I think is too tannic is something that you would enjoy immensely or a wine Wolfy pulls pineapple notes from is something you wouldn’t like as much.  That is the problem with scoring wines.  A wine that scores 97 points doesn’t mean everyone is going to like it, the devil is in the details.

Our hope is that you use these reviews as a guide and maybe we can peak your interest enough that you go out and buy the same wine we reviewed or go out and find that varietal you never heard of before.  We want to hear your thoughts and opinions about wines you have tried based on the reviews and would love to hear about wines you think we should try.

Red Wines

Dry Reds

DSC_0014 cab

Off Dry Reds

big bad red

White Wines

Semi-Sweet Whites

DSC_0041 dsc_00152

Sweet Whites

vidal blanc square

Fruit Wines

Sweet Fruit Wines

Strawberry wine

Sparkling Wines

Sweet Sparkling Wines


Winery Visits

Or passion for wine leads us to tour as many wineries as possible.  Or favorite wineries are those that not only have a good section of great tasting wines but those with great service as well.  While we expect the person pouring us wine to be knowledgeable it is great when they are also the wine maker.  In so many of the small family run wineries you can get an experience like no other but coming in at the right time and asking the right questions.

It is amazing how a trip to a winery can change your reception of a wine.  If you have a great experience with the person pouring wine, a meaningful conversation, and a connection that is enough to bring a smile to your face years later as you are drink the wine you bought at the time or happen to find their wine on the grocery store shelf.  A hectic tasting room where you feel ignored by mediocre staff, even if the wine is excellent that experience can leave a bitter taste in your mouth or even worse an indifferent feeling about buying their wine.

Our favorite wineries the wine makers / owners know us by name we have sampled from their barrels and they have tasted and offered advice on our homemade wine.  That is the ultimate experience.  The only one better is sharing a bottle with the one you love laying on the ground in between the vines.




Williamsburg Winery

Wine Recipes

*None at this time*


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